Family Law

A change in how your family is structured is a difficult and confusing time.  It is important that you have someone that can guide you through these difficult times, and make sure that your rights are fully protected.  There are many things that must be done to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

It is impossible for these changes to be painless, but finding experienced and concerned counsel can help lift a significant burden during this trying time.  Deciding exactly how to separate property, craft custody and possession arrangements for children, and navigating through the court system can be frustrating and seem impossible alone.

Our attorneys have spent the years refining their experience with the family court process, and have dedicated themselves to making the process as easy and clear as possible for our clients going through this difficult time.  We answer our phones, return our messages, and make sure that none of our clients feel left in the dark.  We have had experience in negotiating settlements, and fighting hard in court for our clients and their children.  We have earned the respect of other attorneys, and have made a name for ourselves in how we treat our clients.

Family law can mean much more than just divorces.  Sometimes the arrangements already made for child support or visitation just aren’t working out, or sometimes the other party is refusing to follow the Court’s orders.  Sometimes child support isn’t where it should be.  All of these are matters that require competent, reasonably priced legal counsel to navigate, and we are dedicated to being there for you.

We know that when times get tough, you need someone who can both fight for you and can guide you through the process.

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