Drivers License Reinstatement

There are a variety of reasons your Texas driver’s license could be suspended or invalidated.  Just being arrested for certain crimes (such as DWI) may result in a suspension.  Unpaid traffic tickets, certain traffic ticket convictions, failure to pay reinstatement fees, failure to pay driver’s license surcharges or failure to pay child support are just some of the reasons for your license to be suspended, invalid, or revoked.

Sometimes, it is either too late or impossible to prevent a suspension of your license.  However, that does not mean that it is impossible for you to drive.  In Texas, you may be able to obtain what is known as an Occupational Driver’s License.  This is a temporary form of a license that will allow you to drive during your suspension so that you can accomplish necessary tasks such as working, caring for your family, etc.

We have learned over the years how to search and find all of the reasons behind your driver’s license problems and what needs to be done to resolve them.

Contesting a driver’s license suspension or reinstating your driver’s license can be complicated and difficult because it involves the Texas Department of Public Safety and its rigid rules.

Procrastination is your enemy in driver’s license suspensions because it is an administrative process that must be followed to protect your rights.  Failure to follow the rules can result in you losing an otherwise winnable case.  Notify us as soon as you receive notice of a pending suspension.

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